House & Garden Rhizo Force®

Rhizo Force brings 70 years of experience and knowledge into one simple product, adding key nutrients into the medium while stimulating beneficial bacteria and fungi.

4.54 KG bucket.

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  • Enriches you medium with essential nutrients while supplying organic matter to feed beneficial bacteria and fungi.
  • Can help invigorate recycled medium, or boost new medium.
  • Active ingredients enable the root system to form a symbiotic relationship with the medium, helping to create super highways of available minerals while assisting in the breakdown of stored nutrients.


  • Top dress into soil, peat, or coco-based mediums.
  • Fill your tray or pot with desired medium, sprinkle it with Rhizo Force and cover the grains with 2-4 inches of medium.
  • Moisten the medium and start planting the next day.



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Weight 11 lbs
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